Virginie Hoel

I am currently Professor at IEMN and IRCICA. Since 2013, in the frame of bio-inspired information processing scope, I develop activities towards two directions: (i) Neurocomputing engineering, based on the development of neuro-inspired artificial spiking network architecture to bring cognitive functionalities to existing systems & (ii) Neurosystems engineering, to develop new technological solutions in the scope of (a) biosensors to monitor electrical spiking activities, (b) brain interfaces allowing a direct communication pathway with external devices and (c) neural prostheses that can substitute a motor, sensory or cognitive modality that might have been damaged as a result of an injury or a disease. I co-supervise the Sarah Hedayat, PhD, entitled: “Design and fabrication of artificial neurons for a bio-inspired information processing.” I will supervise the Dimitri Henniquau PhD with Dr Christel Vanbésien Mailliot, entitled: “Efficient interface design bridging artificial and biological neurons for neurosystems engineering applications”

I worked (1995-2000) on the technology of InP HEMTs for low noise applications in submillimeter-wave ranges. I have developed research activities (design, fabrication and characterization) on GaN HEMTs power devices on silicon substrate (2000-2013) and on flexible tape (2013—2017) for high power applications at 40 GHz. During one year (2008-2009), I have made a detachment to CNRS.  Since 2013,  I work on neuroinspired architecture for neurocomputing and neurosystems networks. I am the author or co-author of about 105 international publications and communications. I participated to the supervising of 6 thesis and 2 are ongoing. I received in 1999 the best paper award for the work: «94-GHz Low Noise Amplifier on InP in Coplanar Technology» during the GAAS’99 (MUNICH). My activities were highlighted in international magazines 4 times. I have participated to 5 European (ESA-EDA) and 8 national [DGA-ANR (LABEX–EQUIPEX)–CPER] contracts. I was appointed by the French ministry in the 63 CNU section.