Christophe Loyez

Christophe Loyez is a full-time CNRS researcher at the Institute of Electronic Microelectronic and Nanotechnology (IEMN) since 2002. He has initialized several multidisciplinary research activities on the high data rates wireless systems and low power consumption systems for radio communication and localization. He is regularly the scientist responsible of MEDEA+ and ENIAC projects on millimeter-wave systems and industrial projects on very broadband vector RF systems. He has been habilitated to supervise research (HDR) since 2012 and he is the thesis director on energy efficiency systems. He is the head of CSAM (Circuits Systems Applications Multi-technologies), a research group for energy efficient communications systems: this group is composed by 2 researchers, 6 associate professors, 2 professors, and 2 engineers. Member of the organization comity of the IEEE Solid State Circuit French Chapter since 2015, he has been Associate Editor of the Journal of Engineering and involved in common laboratories with ST-Microelectronics on the new CMOS/BiCMOS technologies (since 2006) and with PRYSMIAN on optical sensors and communications (since 2013). He is also a part of a working group for neuromorphic systems at OMNT (Observatoire des Micro et Nano technologies).