Spiking Neural Circuits and Systems

Bioinspired hardware is attracting more and more interest for analog computing and adaptive information processing, because it allows a drastic reduction of both energy consumption and cost.

The aim of Spiking Neural Circuits and Systems (SPINE) project is to design and fabricate neuro-inspired computing networks based on ultra-low power artificial neurons and plastic synapses allowing unsupervised learning. In order to reach the goals of ultra-low power/energy consumption and ultra-large-scale integration, CMOS Silicon Technology is used.

The guideline or our activity is to remain as close as possible to the behavior of biological neurons and synapses,  as well as biological neural networks.

The application domains could include robotics, artificial vision, AI but also health and medicine.


IRCICA USR3380 (photo) at the Haute-Borne campus hosts the SPINE project.